Funhouse Of Horrors
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Funhouse Of Horrors: The House Of Horrors
(Motion Movie One)

Entertainment Weekly placed the Funhouse Of Horrors
tale on its 2009 Halloween Must List!
In addition, the LA Times and Wired Magazine
have both featured the story of ghostly hell, as well.
If that were not enough, the Funhouse Of Horrors Novel
and Graphic Novel are regularly #1
on Amazon's Fantasy and Horror Lists.

And now the first book in the Funhouse Series
comes alive in this Motion Movie with
spooky as hell narration by Jacob Witkin,
and voice over work by Bob Yurgatis and Sharon Barnes.
Finally, supplying the perfect dead bed of eerie
rocking melodies is Jazan Wild!

As always... Enter If You Dare!


Jacob Witkin (Hail Caesar with George Clooney, Josh Brolin,
Scarlett Johansson, Ralph Fiennes and Channing Tatum) (Lost) (Puppet Master): Jake Stone (Narration)

Bob Yurgatis (Carnival Of Souls): Young Jacob Stone, Scratch,
Haunted House Workers, Cousins, Teacher, Ghosts

Sharon Levesque Barnes (Carnival Of Souls): Mother (Mrs. Stone)
and Ghosts (Background Vocals)

Music and Lyrics by Jazan Wild (House of Horrors,
Hey, Funhouse and Wake Up) -
Music and Lyrics by Jason Citro (Until the Stars)

Artwork by Rudy Vasquez, David Miller and Carlito Zuniga

Colors by Yuan Cakra, Dan Kemp and Tyson Wengler

"Funhouse Of Horrors" ® is a Registered Trademark
by "Carnival Comics" ® Entertainment.

Funhouse Of Horrors: Murphy's Law
(Motion Movie Two)

Everyone's favorite Hearse Driving
Ghost Writer, Jake Stone, is back.
This Halloween, Stone is in Harvest Moon,
New Mexico to investigate the legend
of the Murphy House.

A police escort onto the premises
goes horribly wrong.
Well not for the ghosts inside, that is.
They are delighted to death!
The scares start NOW!


Bob Yurgatis: Jake Stone, Scratch, Seff Thompson, Ralph Thompson, Josh Murphy and Karl Murphy

Sharon Levesque Barnes: Helen Murphy(Background Vocals)

Music and Lyrics by Jazan Wild (House of Horrors)

Music and Lyrics by Jazan Wild and Dan Kemp (Creature of the Night)

Artwork by Rudy Vasquez

Colors by Yuan Cakra, Dan Kemp

"Funhouse Of Horrors" ® is a Registered Trademark
by "Carnival Comics" ® Entertainment.

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Book One in the Funhouse Of Horrors Series!

Jacob Stone, while on a family picnic, stumbles upon
an old, abandoned house in the woods just a week
before Halloween.

The wretched place is being prepared as
a one-night-only haunted house. One of
the workers, a strange man known only as
Ole Scratch, sees Jacob 'Jake' Stone
and gives him a book of ghost stories
with two tickets inside.

They forever change his life…
or what's left of it, anyway,
after the ghosts are done with him.

Book Two in the Funhouse Of Horrors Series!

Jacob Stone is all grown up... and still haunted
by the living-impaired. Now through
the shaded eyes of horror writer "Jake" Stone
we get another spooky tale to sink our fangs into.
For where there's a haunted house,
there's someone's story.

Stone enters a small New Mexico town to
investigate the legend of the haunted Murphy place.
He finds an escort to the house on
the edge of town from the local sheriff,
and before you know it, both are consumed
by the horrors that live inside.
Are you prepared for a dark tale
of treachery and loss?

Book Three in the Funhouse Of Horrors Series!

Jake Stone, the ultimate ghost seeker
and everyone's favorite black hearse driver,
is headed to York, Pennsylvania, to investigate
the Seven Gates of Hell. A place
the locals know very well.

Finally, all those urban myths will be laid bare.
Now we'll find out just how they died.
So, prepare yourselves for...
"It's a Madhouse Out There." 

Book Four in the Funhouse Of Horrors Series!

Jake Stone "Ghost Writer" gets a mysterious letter
(postmarked a lifetime ago) inviting our favorite
paranormal investigator to look into strange happenings
at a Carnival... suddenly a familiar painted face appears.
You got it! Jexter, The Clown and his entire
Carnival of Souls make a surprise appearance!

Trick or Treat! Two spooky worlds are about to meet...
in this Carnival Of Souls / Funhouse Of Horrors cross-over!
Get your ticket and Enter if You Dare!!!
You for sure will be in for a good scare!

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