Carnival Of Souls
(Apps, App-Books & Motion Movies)

Carnival Of Souls
(Motion Movie)

Entertainment Weekly placed Carnival Comics
apps on its 2009 Halloween Must List!
In addition, the LA Times featured Jexter the Clown's
merry caravan of oddities, as well. If that were not enough,
the Carnival Of Souls Novel and Comics Books
are regularly #1 on Amazon's Fantasy
and Horror Lists.

Carnival Of Souls Motion Comics were the first to grace
iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry and Android (Google Play) phones.
After all, everyone wants to run away
and join the carnival, especially
when all you have to do, is press play!

As always... Enter The Carnival!


Bob Yurgatis (Funhouse Of Horrors): Young Jacob Stone, Scratch,
Haunted House Workers, Cousins, Teacher, Ghosts

Sharon Levesque Barnes (Funhouse Of Horrors): Elizabeth Wild (Mother)
and Tara
(Background Vocals)

Music and Lyrics by Jazan Wild (Carnival Of Souls,
The Snake, Haunted, The Rain, You Don't Know Me,
Nothing Left to Say and Freak Show)

Artwork by Kevin Conrad

Colors by Matt Yackey and Dan Kemp

"Carnival Of Souls" ® is a Registered Trademark
by "Carnival Comics" ® Entertainment.

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Book Zero in the Carnival of Souls Series!

ADMIT ONE... Travel back in time to
Ancient Egypt to the Kingdom of Sekani
The Laughing God, as he not only
builds "a" carnival... but "the" carnival.
The First Ever!!

Sadly not all are happy with his visions of fun and games!
Be careful or this Wild Ride might cause you to lose your head!
You've heard about Jexter the Clown and his collection
of superhuman souls, now learn about
the place they all call home.

Don't enter a carnival... Enter The Carnival!

Book One in the Carnival of Souls Series!

Fasten your seat belt and pull
the safety bar down, snug in your lap.
The story begins with young Jazan
and a trip to the carnival,
but it quickly turns, taking you
on a wild ride into the jungles of the mind.

As the sole survivor of a plane crash,
Jazan wakes upon the shore,
beginning a life of survival and mystery.

But all things eventually lead
back to the carnival!

Book Two in the Carnival of Souls Series!

Discover the clown Jexter's twisted origin,
as Jazan struggles to accept his place
within a caravan of the damned.

Meanwhile, the witch Mother Yagga takes
us on a journey to medieval times, where two kids
are just clowning around in the dungeons.
There, they stumble upon a painted skull...
the skull of a god!

Book Three in the Carnival of Souls Series!

Jazan and the carnival must contend with the Hunter.
But who's that pulling the strings?

As a crystal ball reveals a gypsy's past,
Esmeralda must confront her darkest secrets.
The big top is set ablaze and a carny lies dead in the ashes.
This is the conclusion of Jazan's story
and possibly the end of the carnival itself!
Enter The Carnival!

Book Four in the Carnival of Souls Series!

Learn how the strongest among them,
Boris The Strongman came to be the most
powerful soul in the show!

In this knock-out of an adventure for the ages,
see just how the littlest runt of the litter caught the eye
of a certain Clown and his sideshow fortune teller, Esmeralda.
It seems that the shadow cast by poor poor little Boris,
was actually quite large indeed.

Come One, Come All! Step Right Up,
and Slam The Hammer Down!

Book Five in the Carnival of Souls Series!

The Stilt Walker story is the tale of Skyy,
a Native American who rides high
on the plains and who has all of his people
looking up to him for his strength and courage.

Able to see visions, one night a vision
of two sets of wagons plagues his mind.
One wagon carries pale face soldiers, while the other
has a colorful crew and painted faced monster...
known to the spirits as Jexter the Clown!

Captured and hung out to dry in the scorching
desert sun, Skyy just will not die.
After all, he doesn’t know it yet, but
he’s about to rise higher than ever before and
become a Freak Show’s Warrior!

Carnival of Souls in 3D!

This version of this tale is in full 3D,
so you need red/green 3D glasses
to view it properly.

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